“Wenn Indianer und Inuit Schule machen” BOOKLET FOR CHIDREN



“Wenn Indianer und Inuit Schule machen” – “When Native Americans and Inuit make school” is an interactive booklet accompanying kids throughout the exhibition “learning along the life”(«LERNEN überLEBEN») at the NONAM, Zürich. It’s filled with tips for mounting your own tipi, or communicate through Iroquois Sign Language, get to understand the quills and magic of geometry or play games such as “Jump the creek” and so much more…

Concept: Julia Tabakhova, Peter Kuhn, Katharina Kägi, Veronika Ederer, Heidrun Löb, Markus Roost and of course the masters, teachers and mentors from the Native American and Inuit.
Design and Drawings: Julia Tabakhova
Dimensions: 250 x 300 mm, 60 pages
Age: from 8 years old
Editor: NONAM, North American Native Museum – Indianer und Inuit Kulturen
Language: german
Price: CHF 3,50

Available directly at the Museum during the exhibition:
Lernen über Leben – Wenn Indianer und Inuit Schule machen
8. Mai 2013 – 28. February 2014
Stadt Zürich
NONAM Nordamerika Native Musseum,
Indianer und Inuit Kulturen
Seefeldstrasse 317
8008 Zürich