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julia tabakhova » La “Snuffféerie”

La “Snuffféerie”

This font is for titles and is integrating my illustrations and pictograms. This is a typeface designed by Wakey (Paris). It has been presented as posters (50x70cm) for the event Far From East Marathon at the Corner College in Zürich.

Title: La “Snuffféerie”
Project: Typeface, Posters
for: Far From East Marathon , Corner College
Curator: Andrea Roca
Date: 2.12.2009, Zürich
Illustrations & Pictogramms: Julia Tabakhova
Typeface Design: Wakey

further readings:
 [ÉTAPES Revue n°175]
 Andrea Roca

related project:
 Far From East Marathon

posters, 26 characters, blueback paper, 50 x 70 cm, limited edition in 5 exemplars