Game board for the “Bison, Büffel, Buffalo” exhibition, NONAM




















Concept:  Heidrun Löb, Markus Roost and Julia Tabakhova
Design and Drawings: Julia Tabakhova
Dimensions: 1350 x 1000 mm, 21 protagonists
Age: from 8 years old
Editor: NONAM, North American Native Museum – Indianer und Inuit Kulturen
Language: german

Available directly at the Museum during the exhibition:
“Bison, Büffel, Buffalo” Auf Spurensuche am Nullpunkt der amerikanischen Bisonpopulation
18.12.2016 until 03.09.2017
Stadt Zürich
NONAM Nordamerika Native Musseum,
Indianer und Inuit Kulturen
Seefeldstrasse 317
8008 Zürich