Far From East Marathon

I foundated this film festival for the first time at the Corner College. We presented 48 hours of uninterrupted projection of animated films from China, Japan and USSR from 1941 until 1987 – collected by myself. The typeface La “Snuffféerie” was launched for this occasion.

Title: Far From East Marathon, 48 hours of Tales uninterrupted
Project: film festival, exhibition, booklet, posters
Exhibited: Corner CollegePerla Mode
Curator: Andrea Roca
Founder of the film festival: Julia Tabakhova
special thanks: Urs Lehni, Meesha Chang, Lukas Beyeler, Wakey, San Keller and Andrea Roca
Date: 20.12.2009, Zürich
Illustrations & Pictogramms: Julia Tabakhova
Graphic Design: Wakey

further readings:
Andrea Roca

related project:
 La “Snuffféerie”

booklet, soft cover, various pages, 10.4 x 15 cm, limited edition
26 characters, blueback paper, 50 x 70 cm, limited edition